Secure Information Management

DMC has developed a comprehensive, state-of-the-art information system branded DMC Secure. This proprietary system allows us to manage all aspects of the multiemployer trust funds we serve.

Task driven

DMC Secure enables our team to generate complex employer invoices, track payments, calculate provider remittance data, generate COBRA notices, produce employer eligibility reports and submission forms, create and track eligibility correspondence, send notices, and generate detailed auditing and census data.

Fast Access

DMC customer service representatives and trust managers have on-demand access to all trust data, ensuring quick and accurate resolution to inquiries and/or problems.

Secure Data Delivery

We deliver both provider remittance and eligibility data to all providers and employers via password protected and encrypted transmissions to ensure data security. Employers and providers use DMC Secure for on-demand access to both current and recent downloadable information or have the option to generate it via other media.

DMC TPA Services

The executive team at DMC Insurance Administrators has more than 70 years of combined experience in administering Taft-Hartley plans. As an employer you can rest assured that DMC has the experience and expertise necessary to handle your plans, including Taft-Hartley, regardless of size or level of complexity.

DMC manages many of the day-to-day aspects of defined contribution (DC) retirement plans, including allocation of employer contributions, preparation of employee benefit statements, and processing plan distributions.

DMC assists employers and unions in developing cost-effective, easy-to-use healthcare plans and providing benefit plan comparisons.

We offer consolidated billing administration whereby DMC processes monthly premium billing to the employer, payment collection and reconciliation, and remittance to the proper carriers and miscellaneous service vendors. All billing and plan participant eligibility information is consolidated into customized electronic eligibility files and transmitted to the providers. Electronic payments are made to providers and from employers.

DMC prepares and disseminates monthly financial statements for all trust funds.

DMC takes over for the employer, completing all required compliance services, including COBRA enrollment processing, collecting premiums from employees, enrollment assistance, and monitoring.

DMC is experienced in a range of complex retiree health plans. We guide employers and retirees through the eligibility and enrollment process and administer premium collection.

DMC field representatives attend and coordinate enrollment meetings, health fairs, and Q&As for employers and local unions.

DMC creates quarterly newsletters containing the latest wellness topics for multiemployer trust funds and their plan participants.

DMC staff provides bilingual support to plan participants and document translation (if necessary).

DMC ensures compliance of the standards for sensitive data protection as set forth by HIPAA.  DMC also ensures that its clients medical health insurance plans conform with the regulations pursuant to ACA.

DMC develops and maintains client websites, providing plan participants easy access to trust forms and updates. Participants simply login to the trust website to confirm their eligibility.

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